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In Our Shoes

Step out of your comfort zone and take the first steps on you own leadership journey.  In this five-part programme, designed for women in leadership, or aspiring to positions of leadership, you are invited to be curious, playful and enjoy new learning and growth. 

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1: The Basis for Flourishing

Unlock your values and the sense of purpose you bring to your work. We start with a focus on raising your self-awareness, notions of confidence and the courage to step out into your adventure zone.


4: Connective Advantage

How much time do you devote to making your network helpful and stronger? We look at practical strategies to grow connective advantage, retaining those deep and life-long contacts and building a network that is future facing.  It's also about finding the joy in what you can offer others.  

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2: Being Authentic

Explore what it is to show authentic leadership and the paradox of which self you are being authentic to. Time to be playful with your actions without putting unnecessary pressure on yourself.

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5: Who Am I Becoming?

Having stepped into your adventure playground, it's time to reflect on who you are becoming, where you want to go and how you can flourish getting there.  Develop your own personal action plan to energise you for the voyage ahead and be an ally for those on the journey with you.

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3: Career Goals

Focus on your career goals, including preparing for promotion and navigating possible career paths.  Still in the adventure zone, this is about creating opportunities and being open to those that present themselves unexpectedly.


Reserve Your Place

The In Our Shoes Programme is run over five live online sessions via Zoom.

Offered throughout the year for individuals at £175 p/person or can be delivered tailored to an organisation.


Email to find out more, including group rates.  

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